Implant Placement with CT guided stent

This lady wanted to replace the teeth on her lower right side which she lost over 15 years ago.

She hated the idea of wearing a denture. We explored the option of dental implants on this site.

We began with a CT scan of this site. Unfortunately the scan revealed insufficient width of bone on her back molar region.

We used a surgical stent guided by the CT scan image to place two implants in the premolar region and decided to leave the molar area. Latest advancements in 3D printing technology allows us to be as precise as practically possible especially in tricky situations like this.

With CT guided surgery there are no stitches required and often there is no or minimal post operative discomfort.

The gap was restored with two implants on her premolar region. She is very happy with the difference it has made in her chewing ability and appearance.