You can now refer to Blyton Dental for Cone Beam CT Scan / Digital OPT

At Blyton Dental, we are delighted to inform you of a convenient new referral service for regional practices.

Our new CBCT 3D scanner

Blyton's new Cone beam CT scan allows your patient's bone structure and tooth orientation to be scanned in just 20 seconds. The technology adds a whole new dimension to digital diagnostic dentistry.

The benefits of CBCT scanning are becoming more and more apparent and there is a place for these scans within many areas of dentistry.

One scan with our new machine gives you not just a CT image, but also an auto Panoramic image. This means patients who require both images do not need to undergo two X-ray scans.  Software to view and manipulate both 3D images is also available.


Digital OPT - £29.00

3D CBCT - £99.

Refer a patient

You can refer right here on our website. It take's just a couple of minutes, simply click the link below to open our referral form.

Or for your convenience, we also accept referrals via email to

The innovative FOV of our scanner provides an arch-shaped volume, which shows a wider view of dentition compared to other devices of the same FOV

A CBCT that doesn’t get affected by metal artifacts and while still producing high 3D image quality.