Treatment Fees

We have used the NHS framework of prices when setting the fees for some of the basic treatments at Blyton Dental. Consequently, some of the treatments that you will receive whilst a patient in our care will be no more that you would have paid if you were being seen under an NHS contract.

Treatments can vary from one patient to another.  This is why we have provided a helpful treatment Fee Guide below. However, please rest assured that following a consultation with your dentist or hygienist, any charges will be fully explained to you in advance. For any complex treatments, you will be provided with a detailed, written Treatment Plan which will clearly explain all associated fees.

We accept payment by cash, cheque and credit card. Please ask if you are interested in joining our Membership Scheme which provides an easy monthly payment to cover examinations and hygiene treatment.

Please ask your dentist about treatment fees or if you require any further information.

We accept all major Credit and Debit Cards