Natural looking dentures

If you are wearing a denture, which looks very obviously like a denture then we may be able to help.  It is possible to replace your denture with a natural looking and well fitting appliance.

Your mouth and gums will change shape as time passes, so dentures should be replaced and refitted every few years. 

We can provide dentures in multiple shades and with slight imperfections like real teeth rather than being white and "piano-key" like! 

Dentures and gums can be sculpted, coloured and carved to match the rest of your oral structures.

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Valplast / Flexible Partial dentures

This is a revolutionary product which offers life time fracture resistance guarantee and can minimize the palatal part of the denture. Less coverage of the roof of the mouth makes it comfortable. The patented flexible property gives excellent grip and makes sure you will not need that denture adhesive ever again!!! Talk to our dentists to see if this is suitable for you.


Telescopic Overdentures

Although largely unknown in Britain,the telescopic overdenture has been popular in Germany for close to 30 years.

Whilst we British have been suffering from the indignitiesof standard dentures, invented in 18th Century, our German cousins have developed a denture that looks completely natural, stays securely in the mouth while eating, laughing or talking and also offers the wearer maximum comfort and hygiene.

Telesopic overdentures are a treatment option which can be a suitable alternative to implant-supported overdentures in certain cases. They look similar to an implant-supported overdenture with similar grip and better feeling of the force of your bite and often at less that half the cost of a prosthesis supported by multiple implants.

What is a telescopic denture?

A telescopic denture makes use of the remaining teeth to hold the denture firmly in the user’s mouth with out the need of clasps, implants or denture adhesive. In most cases there is no need to have a palatal plate.

If you have 2-4 reasonably sound remaining teeth on an arch, they could be used to make a high quality bespoke over denture using the remaining teeth as anchors after being prepared pretty much the same way for a normal crown.

Primary metal covering  (primary crowns / ’copings’) are cemented on the prepared teeth. Secondary copings that fit exactly over these primary crowns are incorporated to the framework of the denture.

When the denture is fitted, the secondary copings slide neatly in to position on top of the primary copings, rather like the tubes of a telescope! Simple but very effective- like most good inventions.

  • They look and feel more natural than a traditional denture.
  • A telescopic denture stays securely in the mouth while eating, laughing or talking; no clasps or denture adhesive is needed.
  • In most cases a telescopic denture does not require a palatal plate
  • A telescopic denture is easy to remove and insert for ease of maintaining daily oral hygiene
  • The vitality of the remaining teeth is preserved for a long time
  • They are cost effective alternative to implant-supported over-dentures when 2-4 remaining teeth are present.

Dr Thomas is one of the few providers of this treatment in the area and has been accepting referrals for this treatment over the last five years. Contact us to see if this may be a suitable treatment option for you.

Before and After Case Study