Smile Make Over with implants , crowns and bridges

This Gentleman found it difficult to eat due to missing lower posterior teeth.He had a deep anterior bite and some loss of vertical dimension. His occlusion was restored with with crowns,bridges and implants for the posterior dentition. CBCT scans were used to plan the implant placement and restorations. He was pleased with the improvement in his smile and is able to chew pretty much every food. He is following a meticulous oral hygiene regime which is important for the long term success of any restorations

Occlusal Rehabilitation of a worn out dentition

This Gentleman presented with severely worn out teeth and some of his old crowns were chipping off. Due to the severe attrition over the years he had lost some height of his face as well.

His vertical dimension was restored using composite build ups of the upper and lower arches followed by PFM crowns. Lower posterior missing teeth were replaced with a partial flexible denture. he was pleased with the results and improvement in his chewing efficacy.

Teeth Straightening for Adults

Orthodontics has become much more easy and predictable with the advancement of technology.At Blyton dental , we can take a digital scan of your dentition and show you how your teeth could be straightened in a few minutes using a digital simulation .Excellent results can be achieved in a few months.Please click on the image to see the before and after shots of some of the cases we have done .