3 ways Milk keeps you healthy

1st June 2016 is the 16th World Milk Day, established by FAO (the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations) to celebrate all aspects of milk and its produce such as cheese, yogurt  and cream. 

It’s widely acknowledged that the calcium in Milk is good for teeth and bone growth when we are growing up. Actually, consuming dairy throughout our lives is important to our ongoing health too due to its unique combination of nutrients.  So milk is definitely good for our teeth throughout our lives!

1.       Dairy can help fight tooth decay

Drinking milk or snacking on cheese after eating a sugary treat can help to lower the acidity levels in your mouth after eating. A recent report suggests that dairy can also coat your teeth with a protective film.

2.       Helps you absorb nutrients from other food

Milk is rich in phosphorus and magnesium and fortified with vitamin D which is known to help your body absorb the calcium in the milk. It’ll also help your gut better absorb nutrients from all your food.  The calcium and other nutrients will also keep your teeth healthy and strong. 

3.       Slows the weakening of bones and teeth

The majority of the calcium in our bodies is found in our bones; however there is a little calcium moving freely in the blood. It is the blood that starts to restock its calcium from the source in your bones if it has too little. When this happens, bones & teeth weaken. As this process occurs daily, it is important to maintain bone mass and prevent bone loss by consuming enough calcium every day. 

As a guide 250ml glass of milk, 2 slices of cheese (40g) and a 200ml yogurt a day will keep your calcium levels at their optimum.

It’s important to have milk as a supplement to your oral health care routine. Drinking milk and eating cheese is not enough to prevent decay alone.  Keep brushing with a fluoride toothpaste at least twice a day.