5 reasons to make that dental hygienist appointment

With our increasingly busy modern lifestyles it’s easy to let routine dental appointments slide. Here’s why you should attend a bi-annual hygienist appointment, even if you don’t have any current oral health issues.



1.       Dental hygienists can detect problems early on

You might be brushing and flossing twice a day, but still experiencing very early signs of gum disease. In many cases, the problem is so slight it is unnoticeable except to the trained eye of your dental hygienist. Mild symptoms of gum disease (gingivitis) can easily be treated with a thorough clean to remove any hardened plaque (tartar) on your teeth. However, if left untreated gingivitis can develop into a more serious condition called periodontitis that may result in tooth loss. Clare and Emily, our experienced hygienists here at Blyton Dental, can show you the best way to keep your teeth plaque-free and stop the progression of gum disease before it becomes a serious problem.

2.       Visiting the hygienist means less time in the dental chair

It may seem contradictory but keeping bi-annual visits to your dental hygienist can save you time and money on your dental bills in the long term. Hygienists play a vital role in preventative dental health – showing you how to keep your teeth and gums healthy and avoid serious oral health issues that may require complicated and costly dental procedures.

3.       Fresher breath, more confidence, better quality of life

One of the side effects of poor oral hygiene is bad breath, and this can negatively impact our daily lives – every social interaction from chatting with work colleagues to going on a first date is vastly improved when we have fresh breath. The hygienists here at Blyton’s Fresh Breath Clinic can show you the correct home care to keep your teeth and gums healthy and eliminate bad breath, enabling you to go about your daily life with improved confidence.

4.       A dental hygiene visit means a brighter smile

Lifestyle habits such as drinking tea, coffee, and red wine can leave visible surface stains on teeth, making us feel self-conscious about our appearance. At Blyton Dental, we offer a 30-minute deep cleaning and stain removal that will remove superficial stains caused by eating and drinking and give your smile a boost.

5.        Hygiene visits keep cancer in check

Dental hygiene appointments are particularly important for tobacco smokers, who are at an increased risk of developing oral cancer. During your appointment, your hygienist will be able to carry out an oral cancer screening to check for any early signs of the disease. When caught early, 1- and 3-year survival rates are much higher than survival rates for sufferers with more advanced forms of the disease.

Blyton Dental offers a 20-minute hygienist appointment for £38.40 and a 30-minute deep cleaning and stain removal option equivalent to the band 2 NHS charge. Call us today to make an appointment with one of our experienced hygienists. We look forward to your visit.