PRP for hair loss (yes, really!)

As well as a vast range of dental treatments, Blyton Dental offer complementary treatments to help you achieve the overall look that you desire.

Last month we talked about how facial aesthetic treatments have evolved, using non-surgical ways of reducing the signs of ageing on the face.  See our blog on the Vampire Facial, and how platelet rich plasma (PRP) is being used to achieve a youthful appearance. The same process is now being used in hair restoration treatments offered by Blyton Dental.

We associate thick, shiny hair with good health, and it certainly boosts our confidence. Traditionally anyone who suffers from pattern hair loss may have used prescription drugs to delay or reduce the progression of losing hair. A less invasive treatment, which is causing a great deal of excitement in the industry, uses PRP.

The treatment is available for both male and female patients who suffer from hair loss and can be used to encourage regeneration of thicker, healthy-looking hair.  It can also benefit those with medical conditions such as Alopecia, or hair loss related to illness and stress. 

Whilst the treatment itself will not re-grow hair, the platelets found in human blood contains stem cells that have essential nutrients and growth factors and encourages the regeneration of healthy cells.   Prior to the treatment, blood is taken from the patient in the normal way, the PRP is then separated and any impurities are removed.  The patients’ scalp is then prepared and sufficiently anaesthetised to eliminate pain before being injected with the newly prepared PRP serum that will stimulate the hair follicles growth.

The introduction of these platelet cells will promote healing within the scalp area which has been injected, and this in turn will cause a regeneration of the hair follicles; stimulating any inactive growth into a new growth phase. After the application, the scalp is then washed gently to remove any residues from the procedure. The treatment encourages the regeneration of fresh hair follicles and established hair can look thicker and healthier.

If you’re interested in finding out more about PRP and other facial aesthetic treatments, then please contact Blyton Dental. Your qualified and experienced practitioner will advise whether you could be a candidate for any of the treatments that we offer.