How Blyton Dental are fighting your fear...

We started noticing an increasing number of enquiries from people who were very nervous about visiting the dentist. So we wrote a blog post on how we handled those that contact us, literally shaking and in tears with fear. We were overwhelmed with enquiries from people who had also been putting the dentist off for years. Is that you?

We thought it would be worth sharing again how we try to help those with a fear of the dentist. Understanding how we, as a team, try to reassure and encourage you, or someone you know, to conquer your anxiety is the first step to coming to see us.

Like many I’m very nervous when attending the dentists. I was soon put at ease and was treated with extreme professionalism. I will not hesitate in attending again, and would highly recommend this dental practice. Thank you for restoring my confidence in attending dental appointments.
— Ian, Facebook

We have a lot of time and patience for our patients and we have managed to relieve quite a few people of dental phobias over the last few years. Often a friendly relaxed atmosphere and a team which listens well is the key. 

You can contact us in whatever way is easiest for you. Most often people get in touch via Facebook as it is a familiar and informal platform to ask questions. Our Practice Manager Jackie is usually the first to respond and reach out as a friendly voice. We will encourage you to call, or we can call you, so that we can take a few details and register you on our system. We can then make you an appointment. We suggest getting you seen as quickly as possible so that you don’t have to worry about it too far in advance.

When you arrive Janet is the first face you will see on reception and will keep you amused while you wait. She keeps an eye on everyone who is waiting, especially our nervous patients.

We have three Dentists at the practice. Arun Thomas ,Sharon Jacob, and Rajashri Lakshipathi . All of them are highly qualified Dentists and will give you the best treatment they can, but the main thing is they are normal, down to earth people who are receptive to their patient’s needs. We will give you the time you need to gain trust in us and we will find out what you need from us to help you. For example- some of our patients need a blow by blow account of what is happening and what we are doing, whilst others want to put a pair of headphones in, listen to their music and wait for us to tell them it's all done. It depends on what you want. We will take the time to find that out.

Kat, who is our Practice Senior Nurse, nurses for all Dentists, she will hold your hand if you need it and (like Janet) keeps a close eye on all her patients. Gaining nervous patients trust and helping them through their treatment journey is what Kat gets most satisfaction from. We’ve also added Gemma Hanson to our team. Gemma is also very patient and gentle dealing with our patients especially the anxious and the elderly.

We hope that lays a few of your fears to rest, if there's anything else you would like to know, please ask away. Don’t leave it until you are in pain, come and see us before then.