Why I chose Blyton Dental to get over my dentist phobia...

This is Andrew... he hated us... well it was nothing personal,  just that he feared all dentists really! Luckily we've got experience in dealing with that and we soon managed to put him at ease and win him over. Read his account below:

I have had a lot of bad experiences with Dentist’s and as a result I ended up having an inane fear of them and refused to go at all.

A friend who worked at a Dentist tried for years to get me to go, until one day in sheer desperation I called her in agony. She got me an emergency appointment with Arun and I have to admit he and all of his staff were brilliant from the first day.

I was never made to feel stupid about my fear like I had been in the past and was always listened to if I needed a break. Arun, Jackie, Kat and all the rest of the team at Blyton Dental are absolutely brilliant and I would, and have, recommended them to other friends who had similar fears.

Thanks guys.
— Andrew Birkitt

All joking aside, we really do care that you have a positive experience and we really will do everything we can to help you overcome your fear of the dentist. 

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